Sunday, February 08, 2009

Almost married!

Things are busy now as the wedding approaches, hence the lack of posting. We had a great team through the school on Thurs/Friday and we gave Hep B shots and pulled lots of rotten teeth! So grateful for them and the work and connection they have with our kids!!

My parents are here and Julie and Eileen are here and my grandparents will be in this afternoon. We are all staying together in a house in Cabarete which is fun! I love wedding week!!! Just a few more days now till the wedding and all is going well. Plans are being carried out and we've just been checking and re-confirming all our details! Now we're just praying for a sunny day, but know that either way we'll be just as married!

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Shellee said...

Wahoo!!! Congratulations Jessi! Just relax and enjoy your family, and this sweet time. I hope you're (all) blessed during the celebration of your marraige, and throughout your marraige!