Monday, January 05, 2009

The village update

Just to give a bit more info about the village, I know many have been emailing asking me about it. I still haven't gone into the village but we are supposed to have a staff meeting there tomorrow. Most families have still not returned but are very hopeful that soon they can.

The stories continue to come in of the looting and stealing that took place in that first week. Nano, the man who makes metal art, had his shop looted and all things stolen from inside. Luis, our doorkeeper, had all of his savings stolen as well. The good thing is that nothing has happened since that initial week, as families have left the village and temperatures have seemingly normalized.

I will continue to let you know anything more that I hear. I'm a bit nervous about going in for a meeting tomorrow...I can't imagine how the families feel when they think about moving back.


Vicki said...

Oh JESSI! It makes me nervous to have you going out there so soon! Extra prayers coming up!!!!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh. I just read your blog from the past couple weeks. I will be praying praying praying for so many things. Safety, healing, restoration, peace, growth and and and.

Prayers and hugs
Nancy Branagh