Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Into the village

We went to the village today for our staff meeting. Physically, everything is mostly the same. There is a row of shops that had all the windows busted in along with some other buildings with broken windows from looting, but most things looked the same. Our bathrooms were broken into where we have our storage things, but just little things were taken, nothing of high value.

While we had our meeting, we did see a few trucks coming into the village filled with furniture and boxes...a sure sign that families are coming back. That was encouraging.

What was hard was hearing story after endless story of all that has happened. Looting, robberies, fear, fleeing, it was hard to listen to some things. Some I talked to said they absolutely will not move back to the village because they know this will continue to happen. Others say it's just a matter of time and they'll be back in.

We are still working on a plan for starting back to school. It is supposed to be next Monday and I am hoping that it happens. I'm desperate to see these kids and hug them and know they are really all okay. I worry for them, that they're not eating, that they're in a house with 3 families and 1 bed, that they don't get to play, that they don't get cuddled.

I'm ready to listen to Jeuli singing and see Jonas' broken-tooth smile, to see Carlitos riding on his bike when he's not supposed to and hear little Yira's voice again. I'm ready to go back to school and for things to all be normal, like it's supposed to be.

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