Monday, September 24, 2007


What an incredible weekend! I went on my first Dominican church retreat! It was so fun. I was a little nervous as I don't know people that well in the church yet, but that was one of my main reasons in going. Anyhow, it was so much better than I expected (it always goes that way) and I made lots of new friends and got to know many more people. We slept little and played a lot but it was well worth it!
As I shared a cabin with Dominican women, I also learned a few things...mostly about hair! I stepped out of the shower and as I was walking to my bunk I heard one lady say in shock "she got her hair wet!" You see, Dominican women wash their hair about once a week and otherwise keep it dry so that it doesn't get all kinky. Anyhow, they were also amazed that I don't have to dry my hair and keep it in rollers to straighten it, and that I can even go to bed without doing anything...they wrap their hair around their heads every night to keep it straight! Oh, the things that I'm learning! What a fun weekend!

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Allison Berthel said...

another thing about your hair: it's getting super long!!!