Thursday, May 10, 2007


The following was written by Naomi Gillette, who was here in March with Mercy Ships. This so perfectly sums up many aspects of daily life here, the things that take place, the heart that this has given me...

I went to the Dominican Republic and:

Sometime I felt rich,
but mostly I felt poor, as I saw the true riches of the poor.

Sometimes I felt capable of giving,
but mostly I received.

Sometimes I had words,
but mostly the touches, the smiles, the outstretched welcoming hands said more than a thousand words.

Sometimes I felt loving and capable of giving love,
but more overwhelmingly I felt loved, accepted and even desired.

Sometimes I longed to see the big picture,
but mostly God showed me that it’s the orphan and widow, one person at a time, that He’s concerned for, this is the big picture!

Sometimes I wanted to feel spiritual,
but mostly God taught me that his love is best communicated in less-than-spiritual things.

Sometimes I expected to see a spirit of hopelessness and despair,
but mostly I saw supernatural joy.

Sometimes I felt wise,
but mostly I felt humbled by the people’s resilience to adversity, their generosity, and their love for, and trust in Jesus.

Sometimes I felt big,
but mostly I felt small and realised that small is big in that mysterious, beautiful, paradoxical kingdom that Christ gave us a glimpse of.

May His kingdom come and His will be done in the Dominican Republic.

A people filled with joy that taught me so much!

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