Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has been a rainy week all around here. Rain is a problem for many reasons. We have to cross a river to get to the care center in the village, so when it rains, it rises. Today is was so high we couldn't cross, although there were motorcycles (taxis) that made a few trips through it. It's still amusing to watch and is sort of a reminder that we are not in control of what is around us, sometimes we just need to let go and allow things to happen the way they do...with no worries.

Here's Candace crossing the river to get to the village. Awhile back they built a foot bridge, but as you can see, it's fairly useless! Candace had a sweet girl hold her hand across the river as she waded through. Glad she made it without falling in! Gringas!!!
Lots of rain also means all construction on our house has come to a halt. They need to do work on the roof because the concrete is not even and it is causing rain to leak in. Anyhow, they did do the measurements for the kitchen countertops and we bought a sink and so that's pretty exciting. Maybe in the next week-ish it'll get finished, so long as the rain stops at some point. The main problem is that it is dry in the daytime so I get all excited, then it pours and pours at night, ALL night, drenching everything. Oh well, all in good time. I've waited a long time for this place, what's another few weeks?

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