Monday, March 05, 2007

House colors

We picked out house paint today! Outside will be Azul Llama (Blue) and inside will be Sol Cielo (yellow-heavenly sunshine literally). I can't wait to see it!


Jonathan Coleman said...

Jessi, I'm really disappointed in you. You really need to stay on top of updating your blog. You're only updating every 2 hours, that's not enough. I want to see updates every 15 minutes, at the very least.

Ok, so the spiral staircase in the house, way cool. Can I stay there when I come to visit? I sleep on the stairs, that's how cool they are.

Jessi Mather said...

you can stay whenever you want, and it turns out we have an extra 2 rooms downstairs...the stairs we may need. And maybe you should follow suit and update your blog more than every 6 months!