Monday, March 05, 2007

Home sweet home...almost!

(Beautiful staircase to the upstairs room, kitchen/secret garden, upstairs room, entryway)

We have a house! It is so amazing and long-awaited, but it is all coming together so amazingly now. So this is how it has happened: We found a house in Montellano (the city before the village) that was in mid-construction. The guy that was building it died and so construction stopped about 3 years ago. Anyhow, when teams come to work with Kids Alive, they need a team house to stay in. So we originally thought the house would be a team house for the summers...until we looked at it. It has the perfect set-up for teams and for us! There is a lovely big upstairs room that Candace and I can stay in when teams are at the house (four teams this summer will be in and out), then otherwise we will have the house. It is 3 bedrooms: one smaller one and one massive one downstairs, then the big one upstairs. It has a kitchen, dining room (extra bedroom if we need it), and a nice living room. There is a terrace outside the upstairs bedroom that will be great for BBQ's and drying clothes! There are 2 bathrooms downstairs too. It is perfect, more than I ever expected and we cannot wait to be in it!

They signed the contract on Friday afternoon and by Friday evening concrete was delivered. Saturday morning construction started, putting on new doors, iron on the windows, etc. It looks like it will come together quickly, or at least we are hoping so!

Still no news on when my thing will clear customs, but I am so thankful that as of yet it hasn't. Maybe it's time to get in touch with them now that we have a HOUSE!! It'll be a lovely house for so many reasons, we just want to have open doors and welcome anyone that wants to visit and know the village and the incredible kids we love.

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Cali said...

Congratulations, what a cool place!