Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Visiting friends

I got to have dinner with Brandon and Alison and their little baby Jack on Monday and it was so nice. It really is hard to believe we've all grown up so much, I mean really, Brandon...with a baby!!! They seem to be doing amazingly well though and it was so nice to chat and catch up and, of course, cuddle on their baby! Their blog is to the right to see even more pictures of their cute Jack.


Brandon said...

Thanks for coming over Jes-we had a blast catching up with you.

faith said...

Hey Jessi- That is great that you commented on our blog!! I have actually looked at your blog several times through the Gentry's links. It's been good to "follow" you too! Hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful Christmas! Maybe we'll see you at the 10 year? Take care

Faith & Bryan

Alison said...

It was great to have you over. And you made it just in time--Jack's got a stomach bug today and hasn't been a happy camper.