Wednesday, December 20, 2006


(Emily flashing her gang signs for the self-portrait)
So after a great extended weekend with the kids, we took them back to Salem last night. John and Rachel celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary at the beach while we got to play. It was such a fun weekend filled with skating, movies, hottubbing at Great Grandmas, shopping, and cuddling...what more could you ask for?

The little Dixon crew


Megan said...

Hey Jessi! Found your link through a link...anyways, it is fun to see all that you have been up to! Hope things are going well for you. I prayed for you today. Love,

faith said...

Hey Jessi- This is so a little reunion with all of us. As for Aaron..I don't think Bryan talks to him regularly. They actually worked together for a while before Bryan left the company. I'll email you with what I know. :)