Thursday, November 23, 2006


So when I was in England, Sarah gave me a c.d. by Lex Buckley, who is amazing. I've listened to the songs so many times, but wanted to share an extra-special one that has been great for me and I thought might be helpful for you too.

Heaven Rejoices
Lex Buckley

I know that you have waited
So, so faithfully
I know that it's been painful
But I want you to know

You are so pure, so precious, so lovely
You have been crowned with immeasurable beauty
Heaven rejoices the moment you rise each day

So I sing over you
A song of joy
Let the sun shine on your face
I bring new life
And heal your wounds

Do you know I love you?
Do you know I love you?

I know that it may seem like
This storm will never cease
But know that I Am
Trust my sovereignty

I know my ways are hard to understand
But my plan is greater
Than you can imagine
Through all the darkness
I've never left your side

Do you know I love you?
Do you know I love you?

There is strenth for today
And bright hope for tomorrow.

I just love that song; perefect on so many levels. Hope you find it helpful too, lots of encouragement in it.


Verity English said...

we dont know eachother,(well... thru God we do!! but lets not get complicated!!) i had been searching for the lyrics to this song for quite a while, and i am sooo glad to have found them! thats a true answer to prayer :) thnku!!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting the Lex Buckley lyrics - am doing my quiet time and was trying to find them - couldn't anywhere except here. God's blessing in all you do! Am on facebook if you want to say hi back as only opened this account to leave this comment! Jennifer Fotheringham