Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let me never forget

There are moments I want to freeze in time forever.  Moments I pray I never, ever, ever forget.  Moments that fill my heart and make me smile no matter what the circumstance (or cry if it's that kind of a day). 

One of these moments is right before Arianna goes to bed at night.  She's all bathed and smells amazing, in her little jammies and sleep sack. I nurse her and she is mostly asleep.  As soon as I stand to put her in her crib, she comes to a little, so I cradle her up so we are cheek to cheek.  I whisper to her how much I love her, what a good girl she is, how special she is to me, tell her I'll see her in the morning, and that I love her so much one more time.  She stays so still, touches my face, and I even caught a peek one time and she was smiling with her eyes she was soaking in it as much as I was. 

Another time is when I nap with Josiah.  I nap with him almost everyday as I work nights and can pretty much always use a nap!  He lays down next to me and I watch his sweet eyes and mischievous smile as he starts to squirm a little before he sleeps. As he calms down and gets ready to sleep, he just says "mama, fingers", and I give him a finger from each hand to squeeze onto.  He holds my fingers tight as he drifts off to napland.  Sometimes I fall asleep that way too, waking later to remember that was just to help him fall asleep.  Occasionally I'll catch him wake up a little, look over and see I'm napping there too, so he lays back down and falls asleep.  I love watching the peace of sleep come over him, cherishing the finger holds, as someday this will be only a memory. He is my sweet, sweet boy. 

I am blessed.  So very, very blessed to be the momma to these to little ones.

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