Thursday, December 20, 2012

Birthday Boy

Somehow two years have passed since our sweet little baby boy was born!  What an amazing two years of learning, growing, laughing, changing, and having fun with this amazing kid! 

He got a drum set for his birthday.  Yes, somehow we agreed to letting my parents get him this set.  He has a crazy obsession for drums and so we went ahead with it.  I won't brag about my kid or anything, but he kinda knows what he's doing with it too!  He loves drumming along and then, "ting", the little cymbal.  Sometimes it's not so little of a sound, but he does really well.  He's learning that there are times when the baby is sleeping that he doesn't get to play and so he'll just tap his sticks on the floor instead! 

We celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and a few friends.  My grandma made him a tractor cake which he loved with his whole heart.  As soon as we finished singing "Happy Birthday" he pulled off the tractor, licked it clean, and started playing!  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

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Mumbles said...

That's a nice looking drum set, and I'm going to buck the trend and say that you're going to be glad he got it--and so is he. My boy is 14 now, and I gave him my old guitars four years ago. I wish I'd done it ten years ago. Never too soon.