Monday, March 19, 2012


I often don't know what I'm doing in motherhood.  I do a lot of things by trial and error and in the end find a way to make it work.  Sleeping for example.  I never knew sleep would be such an issue.  Josiah is an amazing sleeper now, but it took a LOT of trial and error to find a way to make that work. 

So now this kid is learning to talk which is great fun.  It seems like he comes out with a new word every few days.  The thing is, he lives in a bilingual family and has not just one, but two languages coming at him.  I thought he'd be a late talker because of that, but he's right on target.  A few weeks ago he threw out "tractor" and it is now his favorite word.  I dunno...we don't even talk about tractors, but whatever, he likes to say "tractor". 

So back to being bilingual.  I read some books and websites about how to do it.  I was going to speak English, Ariel speak Spanish.  It was going to be so great for him to learn.  Oh well, that was before we put it into practice.  So we all speak a big mix of Spanglish around here, including Josiah.  He says words in both languages and can understand everything in Spanish and English.   I caught myself tonight saying "Tell the agua bye bye" (getting out of the tub).  How do I expect him to get it straight if I speak this mess of both languages?  I guess he'll figure it out sometime, or let's just hope his teachers know some Spanish too! 

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