Friday, November 11, 2011

Our new chair

Ariel and I were excited to stumble upon an estate sale the other day.  We wandered through the house of some unknown, imagining all the things we suddenly needed.  We ended up buying more than we expected, of which involved an oversized chair an ottoman.  So then we had to get it home. 

We have a Honda CRV which does not accomodate 2 adults, a baby and his carseat, as well as said chair and ottoman.  But I knew my dad's truck was sitting in driveway unused (they were on vacation).  But something in my got a little scared about using this new truck to pick up our chair.

So I had a moment of "get real" and remembered what was once my Dominican life.  Not only did I drive our gua-gua (van) through the sugar cane fields over dirt roads followed by crossing through (not over, through) a river, I did it pregnant. 

And I drove a manual shift safari truck down the bumpiest road ever thought of. 

So yah, I hopped in my dad' sbrand new automatic Dodge Ram, drove down the pristine roads of Persimmon Country Club, and picked up my chair.  What a wimp America makes me turn into sometimes!!

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