Monday, August 08, 2011


Ariel and I took a little trip with Josiah up to Seattle for the night. We had such a good time, we continue to talk about it! It was perfect weather and we had a great hotel near the market and mall and it was just a special time for the 3 of us. We all slept in the same bed which meant we all woke up earlier than normal, but thankfully Seattle had attractions for us at 5:30 a.m. and some Starbucks. We even got to meet up with some friends that were in the D.R. with us, Layne and Caitlin. Josiah was a champion traveller and we timed the driving time (3.5 hours) to his nap time and so he slept through most of it! We are now huge fans of Seattle and can't wait for another trip!

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Mrs. Seal said...

Of course you loved it! :-). And it's bright and sunny like that here everyday. Hehe...we have a couple of guest rooms you 3 are always welcome to use if you want to come back.