Wednesday, February 09, 2011

To the U.S.

With all the snow that New York got, our flight on Thursday was cancelled. We re-booked it for Friday, still unsure that flights would be able to get through, but were willing to give it a chance. After a lot of hard good-byes and moving out of our apartment, we were officially on our way to the United States. It was an exciting flight with Ariel and Josiah and we did lots of talking and playing the whole way! Ariel got to touch the snow in New York as we had a layover for awhile. I think he was thankful he had his coat ready as it was pretty cold out! It was surreal to me as I have thought about this moment for so long. I know it is hard for him, he had to leave his fantastic job, his family, friends, church, language...everything. But we know and trust that God has opened this door for us and are looking forward to all that is ahead.

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