Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We made a trip to Seattle this week to get Josiah's first passport! With the new rules, they require both parents to be present or a signed form if they can't. So after mailing things back and forth to Ariel (via friends that are there) we were ready. We went first into Portland to get a copy of his birth certificate, then to get the cutest passport photos EVER! We had an appt for Tuesday at 10 am, so my dad suggested we just head up Monday night and be there so that we didn't have to drive so early on Tuesday morning. It was perfect! We didn't get into the hotel until around midnight, and after feeding and showering, got to sleep around 1:30 a.m., but it was so nice not to have to drive early morning!

We dropped off the passport papers then had to wait about 4 hours, so my mom and I walked around the mall and parts of Seattle. I had a fantastic mix of sore throat, cough, laryngitis, and pink eye, so I was a good travel companion! We made it through the day though and walked around nice and bundled up.

It was a cold and super windy day in Seattle, so we wore coats and hats and gloves. Josiah traveled in style in the Moby and under blankets. When the wind did creep in, he started squirming around!
So we are officially ready for travel to the Dominican Republic!! It is the cutest little passport and we are so thankful to have it and be one step closer to being together again with Ariel!!

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