Sunday, October 24, 2010

To remember the pregnancy...

I LOVE being pregnant. I love all the kicks, the dreaming...I don't even mind people giving my belly a rub. It's been a fun and comfortable pregnancy, despite the first few months of nausea and tiredness.
My mom will be our official photographer for all the baby shots and has new special lenses and everything! We got to try them out the other day taking lots of maternity shots, which works out well because it's a fun time to remember. I'm not really into the "posed" shots, but put up with it for awhile because, well, I just have to sometimes!! It's weird when one part of your body gets so much attention. It's also weird when people comment on how big that part of your body is getting. I've let them know they have a limited amount of weeks left for those comments. After he's born, it won't be so fun to take belly pictures and talk about how "big" it is. In fact, I hope we're not!!

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