Saturday, August 07, 2010

Container arrives

A container ship was sent down from the States packed fully of donations. After passing through immigration in Santo Domingo, it was finally released for delivery. It was a huge container and it got stuck in the first river crossing at 6 in the morning! Alberto was able to find a tractor willing to pull it through the river and out of the mud

It made it to the school after having to grate the next river crossing and lifting electrical wires with plastic pipes! We couldn't believe how full it was.

Thankfully we had a team all week that worked hard to unpack everything in a few hours. It was incredible to see all that was packed in this filled so much of our new cafeteria. They send desks and chairs and dental equipment, medicines and bags and backpacks, and the most exciting...a playground!!! They had collected from various playgrounds that were being taken out and we can't wait to see these kids have the huge blessing and fun of a real playground, which includes a bridge!!

It is awesome to see what happens when so many people work together, on both ends of the deal! This took huge amount of time and effort to collect and pack the container, and lots of sweat and muscle to unload it on our end. It'll be so worth it all to see these guys jumping around on their new playground and enjoying all the other goodies on the container!

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