Saturday, June 12, 2010

Growing baby

We got to see the little baby a few times in the last week while I was in Oregon. We went for a few sonograms and the little one was kicking and moving and dancing around. He (gender neutral "he", we still don't know) was even sucking his little thumb. They checked every little piece of this baby and I can say that he is perfect. Every little finger joint, his is amazing.
We are going to be watching some measurements and changes in his brain, but what we ask for are your prayers that all will be developed properly. We know our baby is perfect and that God makes no mistakes in forming these little ones, so we trust and pray for all to be positive.
Oregon did the baby bump very good and I am looking more and more pregnant these days. The baby is very active and my mom and Ariel both have felt him moving from the outside. He really likes the mornings when I drink orange juice and the evenings when I stop moving from the day.
I am excited, so excited I can't even put words to it. Pregnancy is incredible. I have never experienced so many emotions in so few months. From sheer joy to absolute terror, and everything in-between. Whenever I feel overwhelmed about becoming a mom, I just remember that in the early weeks of pregnancy (I found out I was prego at 4.5 weeks!!) I dedicated this little one to God and I try to always remember that this is His baby that He lets me have for awhile. What a blessing. It is exciting to go through these steps with Ariel, to see our marriage grow as we each change, and I can't wait for what is ahead.

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