Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still amazed

After 3.5 years living in the Dominican Republic, I feel like I'm pretty used to most things now. It doesn't turn my head to see 4-5 people on one motorcycle taxi, to see the pig hanging up after slaughter (although I don't like that!), or to see the horse-drawn cart pulling in vegetables from the countryside. But today, oh today, there were a few head-turners!

As you know, voo-doo is the official "religion" of the Haitian people. From all accounts, a woman went to a witch-doctor on Monday because she was sick, and he placed some mysterious white powder on her (or she ingested it, not sure). Anyhow, Monday later on, she is dead. Tuesday comes around and she is buried, I saw her coffin and the procession pass by in front of the apartment. Within a few hours after her burial, rumors start about her still being alive, that she has communicated with the outside world somehow and they need to dig her out. So, of course, hundreds of people head to the cemetery to...undig the dead. They pulled out her coffin and sent her to the hospital and by all reports today, the dead is alive again! Amazing. Can you imagine? This just doesn't happen in real life.

Last night and this morning it rained quite a bit which makes our ride to work muddy and bumpy. There are huge puddles and many places along the dirt road where it is covered fully by the water. This morning heading in, we saw two men on a horse...carrying a baby calf!!! Mama cow followed behind, probably fully confused about why her baby was mounted on a horse! Oh how I wish I had my camera, it was priceless!


Mrs. Seal said...

Really??? That is crazy! How the heck does that happen?

Matthew Ebert said...

Funny, but sad isn't it. If only they could find the true healer in their hearts and minds.