Friday, February 05, 2010

Still working in Haiti

Sorry for the lack of updates, I know people are thinking and praying for us, and I thank you for that!

It has been a busy few days, but all is going amazingly well. Helen and Tom, the directors for this site, had to head back to Canada suddenly for a family emergeny. It was amazing to see how things came together so perfectly in a way that only our God could have orchestrated. It "happened" that the mail plane was arriving in the late morning, and it had 2 seats open to take them back to Florida! After a failing internet to try and communicate the need for the home office to investigate a connecting flight to get them into Toronto, one of the team members offered the services of a private plane that he uses for work. Not only did it take them to Buffalo, NY, but he arranged for a car to then drive them to their daughter's house. We haven't heard from them yet this morning, but please keep the whole family in prayer, and little Leah who is fighting for her life.

God also brought all of us together to continue beautifully as a team. There are leaders who have taken over construction plans, I'm apparently head chef now, and all is going smoothly. The internet is up and running again and I was thankful for that to get a few of my favorite recipes for larger groups!!

The construction is going so quickly, we are excited, and these men are pouring their hearts and skills into their work. We are hoping to finish the 9 tents, bathrooms, and extending one building to make space for a cafeteria. They are also installing extra cabinets in the main house for all the additional supplies. We hope to be able to organize donations in one of the tents so that the house can return to being a home for the Froese family!!

Thank you for all the encouragement and prayers...we are doing well, thanks to your support and God's super-strength!

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