Thursday, February 18, 2010

Food buy for Haiti

With your continued donations, we are in the final preparations to send supplies over on Saturday!
A group will be leaving at 3am Saturday morning to head to Haiti to take 225 food bags and 50 baby bags to the people.
When I was in Haiti, I was able to connect with the pastor of their church, a very large and excellent church, in the northern town of Cap Haitien. We found out that the church members from the community are now receiving family members who have fled from Port au Prince to look for help. The problem is that the families were already poor, hungry, and needy...and now there are more people in their small house and more mouths to feed.
What we decided is that it would be best to support these newly arrived refugees by being able to help 225 families with these food bags! It was an amazing connection to make and we are excited to be able to help those who were hurt and touched physically by the earthquake.
We continue to finish the buy today and then start packing tonight! It is exciting and we are looking forward to this!

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