Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cooking, cooking, and more cooking

I went on this trip to be a "helper" to Helen, the full time Kids Alive missionary. They had to return to Canada because their granddaughter was extremely ill and in intensive care. This meant that I became chef for the week. Mind you, I love cooking and being in the kitchen, but I had never actually been in charge of planning, preparing, and serving meals for 20-25 each day! It was a welcomed challenge though and in the end, I'm glad I was able to be there for it. Please excuse the shiny forehead in the photo, but it was taken after an hour of flipping French Toast (5 loaves worth!). Thankfully it was a team of men who weren't too picky about what they were eating, and they gave me lots of grace in both time and the meal!
I was so thankful that growing up I was often in the kitchen alongside my mom, and then in the DR I am often helping in the kitchen at Zeneida(our school cook)'s side. I was able to cook up some home favorites as well as some DR food. I had to learn that tripling a dish's quantity also made it require a lot longer cooking time, but we made it. I am thankful no one got sick or had problems due to food!!

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