Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More help for Haiti

We are in full swing of planning for the next trip to Haiti. A group will be going again from the church, planning to leave in 2-3 weeks (date to be settled tonight).

We learned a lot from the last trip, and are more organized and well-prepared for this round of gathering supplies and send-off to Haiti. The group continues to tell story after story of their trip in, about seeing the needs and hurts of the Haitian people. They are all baffled as to why the food they saw on all trucks they were passing and seeing on the news has not arrived to the people. I don't know if it's for security reasons or unsure of where to distribute the items, but the resounding voice from the people they gave food bags to was, "We are hungry". If only there were more groups willing to just head in and feed the people. My heart is heavy to do something, to continue doing something.

If you still have momentum to donate, now that the news shows less and less of Haiti and it strays further from our minds, please know that their hunger and suffering is still very present and real. Although we know we can't feed all of Haiti, we are hoping to reach as many as the money provides for. Just as an example, with $10 U.S. we can buy 22 cans of tuna, or with $55 U.S. we can get 125 pounds of rice. The money goes a long way here and we are excited to plan out the next food buy. Our hope is to fill at least 200 food bags to give out this time around. Last time (about 150 bags) they ended up opening the bags to give out the items individually because there were just so many people in need.

As the donations come in, we will continue to gather items to put in the bags. Thank you for all that continue to pray for Haiti...we can't forget them, it's just been 2 weeks. Thank you for being a part of this. It is incredible.

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