Monday, January 18, 2010

Day by day

My heart aches more as each day passes. I don't know how to handle all the death, all the amputations, the hurting, the infection, the lack of everything. To see photos of people fighting over a can of air freshener. Really, air freshener?

I want to do more, I want to be there, to help with my hands. But I haven't felt yet that it's been clear for me to go. We are expecting the arrival of 50 Haitian children (10-15 for our site) sometime this week and I want to be here to welcome them, to love them, to just sit and cuddle. I need to be here right now, so I am. I don't know what to expect from them, what state they will be in. I expect they will be broken, both physically and emotionally. I pray for wisdom in my interactions with them, that I can pour out love all over their brokenness. I am grateful that we are able to take in 50 kids from refugee camps or wandering the streets, even just for a little while. The idea is that we will care for them for 6 months, the time of their visa and the time it will take to build houses and find staff to care for them back in Haiti. You can follow the progress or donate to the help on the Kids Alive website

I am humbled how so many people have come together to donate such a huge amount for the goods we have purchased to be delivered to Haiti. The first trip going out from our church will be on Thursday. Thank you for continuing to love the Haitians in this way.

I am hopeful that one of these times, it will be right for me to go. I like to go. But I will wait for the right time, when I know that that is what I am supposed to do. I am hopeful for the things that are ahead, for the Haitians to have a chance to start over, to heal, to be beyond the rubble.

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