Monday, December 07, 2009

Ready to Party

We filled Christmas bags and decorated the school in anticipation of the Christmas party tomorrow. The kids have been preparing songs and pantomimes (what's a party without a pantomime??!!) and skits for the big day. The kids will come to school around noon for a special lunch, then head back to their house to bring back a guest for the presentations. After it's all over, the guest gets a little gift (cake and an apple) and the kids get a big bag full of goodies. The bags are filled with treats that they most likely otherwise won't see, like apples and grapes and raisins (Christmas essentials in the DR). They also get a bag of sweets and 2 pairs of brand new undies! For many kids, this will be their Christmas. As money is often non-existent, Christmas gifts and presents just can't be bought. So we do our best to meet a need (Christmas is kind of a need) in their lives and love them by giving even the non-essentials.
It's a big day. I love it. I love the smiles on the kids face because they're getting something new. I love all the work they put into their presentations and how proud they are to bring someone with them to school to "show off" a little. Yah, it's a lot of work getting ready, but it's worth it for the little bits of joy!

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