Sunday, October 04, 2009

Some measles, why not.

So the next sickness on my list: measles. Good grief! I has fever on Thursday and Friday and then Saturday woke up with rash all over my body. Fever continued and nothing I did could break it. This morning I woke up with the rash connecting itself and from my head to my toes...not good. Ariel called the hospital to see if this was a virus going around because some friends had something similar, but they said no and I should come in because it sounded like possibly dengue. So off we went. Diagnosis after all: measles. Glad it's not dengue, that's much worse! So now we just wait out, drink a lot, stay away from the heat (yah, right!) and pray for no more illnesses. On a side note, my stomach is doing well...over a week now with no pain or problems!!


Abby said...

Unbelievable! We'll be praying!

smiliesar said...

I'm so sorry! It seems like you can never catch a break. I'll pray for you to get over this illness quickly and stay well too!