Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Change is good

The great thing about life is the constant change, the continual motion, the refusal to stay the same. I used to get really frustrated with changes and had a hard time with it. My mom has sent me a lot of (amazing) Fall pictures lately (a few of my favorites on the left) which made me think more about changes. How each season, just like in our lives, brings about great things and fun stuff to look forward to.
I feel like my life is finishing a season now and getting ready for a new one. I'm not sure why, we aren't solid on any plans, but I just feel that stirring, that something is on the horizon. I have been feeling strong and healthy now and pain-free for 4.5 weeks now. That is a very, very good change. I almost forgot what healthy felt like! The school is changing so much, as I've been blogging about, and it's exciting to see and be a part of that. I've been reading some great books that help me grow in who I am too, more changes.
So I've committed to embracing whatever is ahead, whatever change is next. I'm going to stop resisiting them, because, well it doesn't matter anyhow...change still happens. But I feel excited and ready and am looking forward to all the ups and downs that changes will bring!

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Rachel said...

Hey, it's Rachel from SBHS, just wondering how those baby bunnies turned out. Did they eventually grow hair? I know, off the subject, but I just HAD to know, haha.