Friday, April 03, 2009

Sweet Beans!

So every year during Holy Week, it's a Dominican tradition to make sweet beans. It's quite a process and definitely an aquired taste, but on my 3rd year here now, I can actually say that I like them! It's basically red beans boiled until soft, then liquified and all the hard parts sifted out. Then it's mixed together with sugar and cinnamon, cloves and evaporated milk and boiled for a long time. Apparently it's also better when cooked over a fire, which we did, but I can't tell the difference yet...maybe by year 4! When they're almost ready to be served, come cookies and raisins are added to the mix. The kids each got a big cup of sweet beans as they were headed out the door this week. We are now on Holy Week break/Spring Break for the upcoming week. Happy Easter!


Allison Berthel said...

yeah, i had those once....they were good! (for like the first 2 bites)

Vicki said...

I especially like the picture of the kids in a line walking out with their cup 'o beans...cute one! Not sure if I would like them either...kinda like when I wanted the Japanese kids to eat rice and raisins with milk on them...or CASS kids to eat baked beans. It took them a while and some never did like them that way.