Monday, March 23, 2009


After much, much waiting...we are now brushing at school!!! It has been a project I have dreamed about and I am so excited that we are actually doing it! Last week I went through the classrooms and talked about teeth and food and why we need to brush, then showed them how to properly do it. Each grade was given a toothbrush stand filled with their toothbrushes (each kid has a number) and toothpaste. Today they all lined up at the bathrooms and brushed away. I'm hoping this has good results for their poor little teeth, they definitely need some brushing. Once a day is better than no times a day though, right??
I can't put words to how happy I am to see these kids excited about this. They were literally running up to me asking me if this was the day they were going to get to brush their teeth!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic Jes - keep up the good work! - les