Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting closer

Julie is demanding a new blog entry, but the truth is that the updates are fairly boring right now. The teachers are in training this week and as I'm not a teacher, it's been a good prep week.

Wedding plans are going well as each day seems to pass in a flash. We have just over 2 weeks left until the big day and are getting very, very excited of course. My parents will be here next week followed by Julie and her mom and then my grandparents.

It's been so interesting planning a wedding here! It's another reminder of the truly cross-cultural relationship and marriage that we have and will have. It's a constant reminder of the importance of never assuming the other one understands and to talk each and every thing through. It's been good to learn about bringing the American and Dominican life together and it's going to help make an excellent wedding and amazing marriage.

A few of the different things in our wedding: we'll be using Padrinos, who are chosen by the couple to support them in the wedding, the madrina buys the cake and the padrino buys the drinks; they're also in the entrance along with the bridesmaids. We'll be using a wedding program which is a new element for most Dominicans...they normally have someone announcing each person walking down the aisle and each step of the wedding rather than reading it in the program like the Americans are used to.


Vicki said...

so are you going to 'announce' us too? I've never heard of that. I can't wait to get there! My bags are almost packed! xoxo

pj&s said...

I'm so excited for you Jessi... I expect lots of pictures and details. I want to feel like I'm there celebrating with you, hugging you, and telling you what an amazing, wonderful, talented woman you are that deserves the absolute best! Love you lots, Pamela

Megan said...

Wow, less than two weeks now! That picture of you two is so cute! I hope you are doing well and aren't too stressed. Take care, I am looking forward to pictures and stories after the wedding (when you have time!)