Thursday, January 01, 2009


I packed in friend time over the last 2 days at home and it was so great! First Jeff and Cali came over so I could meet one of the most amazingly cute babies ever, Dallas! He's only 7 weeks old and super cuddly. Right after that Bethany and Matt Thomas came over so I could meet Bethany's growing baby, or at least see her all pregnant. The next day I went to Megan's house and met with her and Heidi and got to meet their little ones too. It's been years and years since seeing them...but the great thing is that I think everyone is still the same! I'm thankful the snow let up enough to allow some good friend time while I was home!

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Megan said...

It was so fun to see you and catch up a little. Thanks for coming over! I can't wait to see lots of pictures of your upcoming wedding! I am so very happy for you Jessi!!!!