Friday, October 24, 2008

Wedding plans thus far

So onto the wedding plans, as everyone is asking for all the details.
We'll be getting married February 14th. I know it's a little corny to get married on Valentine's Day, but it is a Saturday and after all, why not?
We'll be getting married here in the Dominican Republic on the north coast at a place called Sea Horse Ranch. It is where Ariel used to work but more importantly, it is a special place for us. We went there on our first official date and many dates to follow. My parents got to go there, and then that is where we got engaged. It is absolutely beautiful and will make for an amazing backdrop. We'll get married in the grassy spot with the trees and have the reception in the restaurant (bottom and top right photos) overlooking the ocean.
My colors are kelly green and pink.
My bridesmaids are Candace (friend/roommate from here), Julie (Phoenix roommate, friend), and Lucy (friend from DR).
We'll have our pastor from our church do the ceremony, but have it translated into English too.
Yes, we'll go on a honeymoon here in the DR.
We're planning on staying here afterwards and yes, I'll continue working with Kids Alive.
So I think I've answered most of the questions I've been sent, but if you have more, let me know!! I'll keep the details coming as things come together, but mostly we're just happy to know that we will soon be married. All the details are just for one day, so we're trying to plan more for the days and years to follow.

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Rebecca B said...

Jessi! Congrats! I keep up on your life through here and figured wedding plans deemed a comment! I am so happy for you :)