Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Despite wedding plans and excitement, I do actually continue to work, believe it or not! In these last weeks, we were able to start something I have wanted to do for so long...vaccines! We now have great contacts here in Montellano where we will be able to get our vaccines and continue the process of getting our kids up-to-date with their shots. We're assuming the kids haven't had any shots, or at least very few, so this is a long road ahead, but it is exciting to see things I've hope and prayed for coming together. We gave all our little guys Polio, Diptheria, and Tetanus shots and our bigger kids Tetanus. We hope to work on all the rest in the months ahead, all of us except the kids that is!

Another happy customer. These are the smiles that make me continue doing this, he's like a little teddy bear, right??

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Vicki said...

It is so much more fun to see the pictures now that I actually recognize those kids!