Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy not to be a hen

Remember these ladies?? We got them about a year and a half ago...

They're now turning into this! Their egg production has never been that amazing and it now turns out that we're paying more for per egg than we would in the store because feed prices have increased so much. So what do we do? Eat them. Ew. They killed 10 of them yesterday and then went through the whole de-feathering-gutting process which is, not great. Some of the hens had eggs forming inside them (bottom left photo) when they were opened up. Whatever happened to just swinging past Safeway on the way home for your boneless-skinless chicken breast??!!

1 comment:

Jonathan Coleman said...

You're killing the chickens after all the time and energy you put in to buying them and keeping them healthy?!?!?!

at least the kids will eat well for a few days.