Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank you

I write between my regular updates because of present needs. I want to start by thanking those who have already supported me through these past two years. It’s hard to believe that two years has gone by since first arriving on this amazing island.

This purpose of this entry is to officially ask for your support. As the years have gone by, I have been amazed to see how I have always been provided for and the amount of people willing to help in allowing me to stay here. .

For those who don’t know exactly what I do (I guess I don’t sometimes either!!) I am serving as a nurse and assistant director to a before/after school care center in the Dominican Republic. We serve both Dominicans as well as Haitians in a very poor area on the north coast of the island. As school nurse, I have plans to start a toothbrush program, daily vitamins, anti-worming, sex education, vaccinations, nutritional support and evaluation, as well as regular health assessments.

To be able to do these things, I need approximately $14,850/year to continue serving with Kids Alive. As it stands, I have a bit under half of that need coming in through monthly supporters. To continue here I would need approximately 29 people to commit to supporting me at $25/month. One-time donations are hugely appreciated as well. All money is tax-deductible when donated through Kids Alive International.

I will continue to keep you updated on what is happening in my life and with Kids Alive. There are constant changes to the Park Care Center as well as things in my own life, all of which I enjoy sharing with you.

You can send support marked for Jessi Mather to:

Kids Alive International
2507 Cumberland Drive
Valparaiso, IN 46383

With all of my heart I thank you.



Therapy Mom said...

Hi Jesse-

My name is Erin Chase.
I think I found your blog through Teresa Peterson's blog??? My husband and I used to live in Jarabacoa and worked at JCS. We know the Trautweins, Vandermolens and others that you might be working with! I just read your post and was wondering about helping you out with the toothbrush aspect of your upcoming ministries. I recently learned that by shopping around at various stores and matching coupons with deals, I can get free toothbrushes on a regular basis! I'd be happy to mail them to you as I collect them and pay you to receive them (do you use MFI?). Let me know what you think...
We'll be lifting you up in prayer as you begin your new ministries and continue serving in such bold and amazing ways!

Jessi said...

Thanks so much for offering to help with the toothbrushes. I've actually stockpiled and requested them for many months now and we have a good supply for the moment. I'll let you know though if we get low once things get moving. I appreciate your help! Jessi :)