Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La cucaracha

I once said the worst thing was having a mosquito trapped inside the mosquito net. I would like to officially retract that comment. The worst thing is having a cockroach trapped inside the net. There were no lights when I went to bed last night but I crawled in as normal and closed my mosquito netting. Happily asleep at 1:03 am I felt something crawling across me. Yes, it was him. Him and his big body with wings and hairy legs and antennaes. I killed him. That is, after I scramled out of my net, found a shoe, flung him off the net, and trapped him. What a night.


Vicki said...

so where is the picture of him? I think I am canceling my trip plans now.

Allison Berthel said...

hahaha! alright, jessi, we should start a club. did i tell you that story when i had one inside my net, and pretty much the same thing, i got him out onto the floor and then sat there slamming my shoe down on him repeatedly.....which woke up leona who thought i was sleepwalking. haha. the important thing to remember? they don't always die by smashing, so i left my shoe on top of him till morning, when the ants came to find him and eat him alive. cruel, yes, but that's what he gets for disturbing my slumber. phew! that story was almost long enough to be a blog entry.... ; )