Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Little Juancito doesn't have anymore fevers, no more AIDS, no more hunger, his cough is gone and he's talking all the time. Juancito died yesterday and so today I am thankful that he is free from all the things that hurt him here...that makes my heart hurt a little less . I am glad he got to be with his family during these days and am reassured that not taking him in was the right decision as I know how advanced his illness was now. It's another reminder of the fragility of where we are and the things that surround us. I wish it could have been better for Juancito, that he could've had the right treatment, the right care, the right everything, but those are things I can't change. I'm thankful for his little monkey hugs and cuddles that made my days better and know that he's having a better day today free from all his hurts. (See post from March 2 for more info on him)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for opening your heart to Juancito; for embracing his monkey hugs; for loving and caring and respecting him as a deeply valued human being. Thank you for being God's whisper, a taste of what was to come- heaven. Many blessings to you Jessi. Many!

Shellee said...

Oh Jessi, I'm sorry you have to experience such a sad loss. He is in a better place, God has taken his pain away. I bet that little boy is eating all the yummy candy his little mouth can fit, and playing in the most awesomest of playgrounds!

Anonymous said...

god will bless you for loving this beautiful boy.