Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Santiago sleepover

I went to Santiago on Monday night to stay with one of my friends from Montellano. Perla is going to university there now and so I got to see her new apt and roommates, friends and university. It was a really nice time to be with her and she was so proud of it all.

And then I became more Dominican. Perla put my hair in a "tubey" which is wrapping your hair around your head to sleep at night. This keeps their straightened hair straight for the next day...obviously something I was in need of. Still fun though, even if my hair was the same as if I hadn't tubey'ed.

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Vicki said...

Ok, so in the morning, did you get up and wash and dry it and make sure and CURL it and FLUFF it and spray it all to keep it that way? I bet she just laughed at that.