Friday, February 15, 2008

Heart Day

Happy Day of Love and Friendship! I like that translation better than the simple, Happy Valentine's Day. Anyhow, we had a special day with the kids and we got to see lots of smiles. We started after lunch with the kids handing out chocolates to each other where they had to hug and hand-off the was amazing! So many laughs and giggles as the names were called. All the kids camed dressed in skirts and dresses and some boys even had ties on! Each kid then was given a bag with underwear and socks (thanks Derek and Dan) and some toys or shoes.

I love these days. To see the kids excited about a bag of clothes, running it home, it's special. I mean, these days I get excited about getting a bag of clothes, but I can't say at 4 and 5 years old I would have been too thrilled. These kids are incredible. I will never stop saying that. My love grows more for them each day, with each second I have with them. Sometimes I just sit staring at them, amazed at each one of their lives.

Later on I had friends over for a Valentine's dinner. We had lasagna (American style) and some vegetable made-up thing and garlic was a really nice night, one that I've needed! We played Apples to Apples (in Spanish) all evening and ate heart cakes that my mom sent!

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Vicki said...

So THAT is where my heart tablecloth went! I was looking for it and wondered if it was one I gave to you. Glad to know where it is, since it is not on my table. :) Glad you liked the little cakes. xo