Friday, December 21, 2007

First days

Back in Oregon. I don't remember it being this cold. With a coat and a scarf though, I think I'll make it! I went to the store with my mom grocery shopping yesterday which was fun...there are just so many choices. I didn't know they even made 7 kinds of Oreos yet alone carried all of them on the shelves of Winco! The avocados and papayas were surprisingly small and expensive, hence the picture!

My cat is great...he is bigger than I remember but then again, everyone used to comment about how big he was.

Last night I got together with my high school friends Jenny, Jen, and Bethany. Years have gone by since we have all been together like that and yet, it is like we have never been apart. We talked and talked and it was amazing to see where life has taken each one of us.


Alison said...

When can we see you?!?!?

Lic Ramon Veras said...

Hi Jess and Candace,
I really can’t understand the purpose of your stay in DR, but indeed, I could perceive from your writing that your mission was special; the kinds of mission that are driven by the love of God. Love that give special people like yourselves the willingness to carry his mission with total disregard to the drastic changes to your quality of life. For that, I want to thank you both for bringing the love of God to my beloved DR.

God bless you both.