Monday, August 13, 2007

Dixon time

What a more perfect way to end the summer than a visit from my brother John, sister-in-law Rachel, and Josh and Emily!! The biggest problem was that, as always, the time went way too fast. It was so amazing to have them here, to share this piece of my life and heart and see them loving the same things I do. The kids played endlessly in the water, only falling in love with the ocean on the last few days. Josh's favorite thing ended up being Coke in the bottle! We did some kayaking and swimming and walking and playing.

One of the most special things for me that week was taking my family through the village. The kids brought some toys to give out which was fun to watch. Within the first few minutes, some of my girls from school took ahold of Emily's hands and were leading her through the village. They connected to her so quickly and remembered her when we went back again. She brought along 7 of her own My Little Ponies to give out and each girl in the house was able to get one (big family!). She got to ride on the back of Jonathan's moto, the fearless one that she is! It was also fun to see the kids interact with the Trautwein kids, something I have thought about so much and it became sort of surreal to actually see these two lives mixing. Of course it was also amazing to wake up to thumb-sucking Josh in my bed or Emily telling me that she couldn't sleep because the roosters and monkeys woke her up (P.S., there are NO monkeys in the D.R!)

The time with John and Rachel was very special too. I have been blessed endlessly with a close family and realize that more and more as I grow up and experience more of life. The closeness we have is irreplaceable and I am so thankful to have been able to share with them. Many things happened over these days that I know were planned long ago. Again, it was the best way to end a busy summer and so fantastic to see my family here, something I'm still thankful for.

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