Friday, June 15, 2007

Food buy

So one of my jobs is to buy the food for the groups that are staying in the house. Yesterday I did just that and look what happened to the kitchen!!! I haven't ever bought that much food in my life, I needed 2 shopping carts. Granted it is for 20+ people and they're here for a week, but that wasn't even all of it. Today I'm going to the fruit and vegetable market to get fresh things and then I'll do another shop mid-week! It's fun doing this job, I really liked shopping. We actually went to a bigger city called Santiago (were already on our way there) where they have the D.R. equivelant of Costco. I literally felt like I stepped back into the U.S. in this place, it was identical. From the items for sale, the set-up, samples, and ice cream and hot dogs and pizza after you pay. Of course we needed some ice cream after the hard day of shopping! Looking forward to the coming week and sharing with this group...hope they like D.R. Fruit Loops!


Jeff said...

I love the loops!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessi, I've been checking out your blogs for a few months now. It's so awesome to watch what you're doing. Just had to comment on this pic, I love the bread hanging over the counter!


Josie said...

Jessi-I was in Santiago Friday doing a food buy as well, I couldn't tell from your post which day you were there-we'll have to plan better next time and meet up and have lunch, hum do I hear Taco Bell calling?