Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The tally is in...

Most unnecessary items in my move:
Cricket doll (although amusing to play with...can you believe that her batteries still work, she still knows how to sing AND her eyes still move??!!)
Scarves, stocking hats, gloves (although many Dominicans would disagree and call them a necessity)
Playstation and VCR (useless when I have no TV)
Prom dresses (although we're dreaming of what we can do with them)
Most anticipated items:
Refried beans
Dish towels
Flannel sheets
Itmes that are more fun than I ever imagined:
Photo albums
Fish tanks
Griddle (especially as we have no stove yet)
Number of items broken/damaged in the move:
7 (not so bad for such a long journey)


pj&s said...

Jes - Did you really ship refried beans from Oregon to England to the Dominican Republic? And the cricket doll... I was thinking that was just a box you shipped other stuff in. You are crazy m'dear and I love ya!

Cali said...

What a cute and cozy house! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

The real question is: Can the Cricket doll still sing if you put a rap tape in her?