Monday, April 16, 2007


Wow, it's here! After leaving Washington D.C., hanging out in Oregon for 3 months, travelling to England for a few months, then sitting in customs here for almost 4 months, my things have finally found their way to our little house in Montellano! It's incredible.
So I have to tell a story of how amazing God is and the lessons I've learned in all of this. I don't often do this, so just bear with me. You see, when I got back in January, I felt I really needed to hurry and find a house because I had all these things that were going to clear customs soon (it arrived 28 Dec). We looked and looked and there was literally nothing available...nothing. I felt I just needed to not worry, trust in God's big plan, and wait on Him! Then this house became available but it needed many weeks of work to be move-able, so we went for it. It is more than I ever thought we would have, I can't wait for all that we get to do there, for the teams that we'll share the house with, the open doors we hope to have to those that come in. So after calming myself a few times about finding somewhere to live, I had to continue to trust that God would show me his perfect timing, again, with my things arriving. Can you believe that not 10 minutes after the cleaners finished drying the floors that the truck pulled up with my things! God had it all worked out from the beginning and just wanted me to trust Him. So many lessons to be learned as I walk through this, I don't know all of what is ahead, but I have learned a lot about how God just calls us to be fully abandoned to Him, to trust Him with everything, He is in control of it all and has the power to do anything. I could have settled for a small apt that was seemingly unsafe by the taxi stand, but I felt there was something more and it would be worth waiting for...and now I see what it is. I continue to learn, grow, and change daily as I walk this path. God doesn't want anything more than trust and obedience, to know that He has us in His hand and will guide us each step of the way. That's what I'm trying to do here anyways...
(And yes, that is my Cricket doll that made it here too!)

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