Saturday, March 17, 2007


I hate cockroaches
I'm not sure if it's their quick movements or long antennaes
The cute little cockroach song "la cucaracha, ya no puede caminar",
they never met MY cockroaches...mine can jump and even fly.
They are not worthy of a cute little song.

I was awoken by four of them in a box next to my bed
I had no idea they could be so noisy as to wake someone up.
Apart from one being in my bed, they have never done anything to me,
I don't know why I despise them so much.
Maybe because these four are so big-the size of a mouse.
Maybe because they can crawl up walls, crawl upside down, have so very many legs.

What eats cockroaches? That's what I want.
I have a hard time killing the big ones,
they crunch and squish-they are juicy.
So as I sit here at 3 am with all my lights on, waiting for them to leave my room...
I hate cockroaches.


Christine said...

I came to your blog from a friend of a friend's blog. I have been reading it ever since!

And as for what eats roaches? I have had several cats that have done so. Cats love to chase and hunt small creatures. I had one cat that would sadistically play with the roaches before she killed them. Never saw a roach when she was alive (that she didn't kill).

Vicki said...

Good Idea!!!! Jessi, Basil is on the next flight out!!!!