Saturday, February 17, 2007

To the mountains and back again

It has been a busy week with so much going on. The school continues to grow and change everday. I have been getting into the village and the houses daily now to get more information for child histories which has been eye-opening. The stories these families tell are incredible, the immigration from Haiti, the conditions they live and have lived through, the children they have...I stand in awe.

I spent the last two nights with Candace in Jarabacoa at the Trautwein house. It was a nice time to catch up with the family, meet new friends, and fit into the flow of the Trautwein days! It's amazing how much cooler it is there than down here on the coast...I was actually cold at night and had to pull up the blankets (as opposed to it being 8pm now and I'm in a tank top, windows open and still sweating!).

So now I'm back in Puerto Plata at Alberto & Lydia's house. Our search for a place to live continues, as it seems EVERY apartment or house to rent is full. We have expanded our search to include Montellano and Puerto Plata, both options would work out really well. The places we have wanted have seemingly fell through, but we continue to hold out for something that we hope is amazingly around the corner. But as my things continue to hang out at the Santo Domingo customs dock, I'm not in too big of a rush yet. It's only been there for 2 months now, so what's a few more weeks (hopefully not months), right?

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