Thursday, February 01, 2007

Puerto Plata

I've officially made my way to the north coast now and am staying for the moment in Puerto Plata. It's only 10-ish minutes from the town I'll probably live in, Montellano, then another further 10 minutes through sugar cane fields to the village I'm working in-Caraballo. Just wanted to throw all those names into once sentence to see if I couldn't really confuse you.

It is still incredible to be here. I wish I could truly share the depth of what I feel being here and a part of all of this. I guess it is just beyond words.

I'm now staying with Alberto (the director of the Caraballo care center) and his family, who are all amazing. I'm learning Alberto-fast Spanish which has been good and continue to be challenged to know more! As they live a few blocks from the beach, we've gone on walks the last two nights on the boardwalk just talking and enjoying the ocean.

I'll put some pictures on once my camera cord catches up with things seem to be all over this island!

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